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Posted: 16. November 2015

IFHP Summit 2015 gathered the IFHP community in a discussion on the urgent topic of housing refugees and shared learnings from this year's Co Act for Habitat programme. Find the outcome, speaker's presentations and photos here! 

Posted: 13. November 2015

Our latest action in the IFHP Housing Refugee Programme is a blog. Kria Djoijoadhiningrat (IFHP member based in The Netherlands) is the editor, and he has just posted the first editorial on the blog. 

Have patience with us, - in a short while it will be perfect, but right now it is under construction. But you can still have a sneak peek!  

Posted: 03. November 2015

Summary of the activities within the IFHP Housing Refugee programme 2015. 
Access reports and learnings. 
Join the urgent conversation, share solutions and experience.

Posted: 30. October 2015
IFHP, together with partners and the IFHP Latin American field office based at PURCS in Porto Alegré, conducted a co-operative housing upgrade lab in October 2015. Here is a wrap up of the learnings and debates which took place. You can also download the presentations. 
Co-operative for informal housing upgrade: the first platform of important stakeholders is set up
Posted: 28. October 2015

World Town Planning Day Online Conference on 'Housing Regeneration: Strengthening Communities'.

Posted: 27. October 2015

In preparation of the IFHP Summit Debate on Public Spaces and Co-Creation we, in collaboration with the Danish Architecture Centre, discuss the current role of Public Spaces. 

Posted: 05. October 2015

We are preparing for the World Design Summit in Montreal in 2017.

Posted: 15. September 2015

The Board of Directors of IFHP has decided to appoint Anette Galskjøt as new CEO of the Federation. Anette has served as acting CEO since 1 July and has been employed with the IFHP since January this year.



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