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"I joined because the IFHP gives me the possibility to meet representatives from cities, I never would have meet otherwise."

Membership in the IFHP means joining a leading global organization dedicated to making cities better places for people. By lending their names and their energy to IFHP, our members stand at the forefront of change. We encourage you to become a part of a century-old legacy dedicated to understanding and promoting human settlement issues in a changing world. 


Our focus 

The world changes fast and so do the 'terms of living' for its residents. The majority of the world’s population will live in the cities in 2050. We would therefore like to invite you to join us in the international debate about how to accommodate that massive migration to the cities and how to deal with all the consequences of urbanization.


IFHP approaches this by prioritizing a specific topic to demonstrate a good understanding of it. The current topic is Housing and Habitation with a focus on Transitional Living. Through our activities, networking and research, we aim to formulate and communicate: how suburban areas can be rediscovered, reutilized and repurposed to overcome segregation and decay; how the requirements for housing vulnerable groups are addressed by current policies and how their growth will contribute to adequate housing provision; we will explore how the appropriate use of technology can support data collection and housing provision for all. Read more about the topic


Why should I become a member? 

  • You will become part of a global and historic membership organization for professionals representing the broad field of housing and urban planning
  • You will have the opportunity to meet and network with International members across the globe
  • You will be part of a respected and influential body
  • You benefit from advice, guidance and support gained from over 100 years of experience
  • You will have joined an organization which is acknowledged world-wide as a leader in promoting mutual learning and inspiration, and generating new ideas amongst professionals in order to equip you to find the best local solutions to the global challenges facing housing and urban planning today
  • You will have the opportunity to have your say about the issues that affect your field of interest

Who can become a member?

Membership of IFHP is open to all - individual and corporate – who wish to contribute to the aims of the IFHP. 

Current Members
Our member-base exists of build environment & planning professionals from the triple helix: universities, industries and governments. (Think: scholars, architects, civil servants, engineers, urban planners, developers, sociologists etc.) Our activities, be it urban labs, debates or lectures, are at the center of this helix; connecting eager and forward-thinking experts from the different fields. In the meantime, the IFHP office maintains and feeds this lively network of members and devotees, does research (sometimes on commission, sometimes because we deem it necessary) and represent our community at institutions like the World Economic Forum or UN Habitat.

Young Members & Students
We especially encourage young people (starters and students alike) to sign up as member, since being an IFHP member can open doors early in your career through access to our many contacts and strong community.

At the same time IFHP is currently shaping its future by changing the topics we discuss and methods we use when discussing issues such as cities, migration and housing for all. We need young members to build on the old IFHP legacy and to make to final push to being a forward looking, pro-active organization. The majority of the IFHP office staff is younger than 30 and excited to work together with you to lead the way for the IFHP community into the 21st century.  


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